Jagoda Ratajczak, M.A.

Conference interpreter and translator, certified court translator entered into the register of sworn translators maintained by the Polish Minister of Justice under the no. TP 40/18, graduate of the renowned Faculty of English at the Adam Mickiewicz University where she completed the Interpreter Training Programme, as well as subsequent 2-year studies in legal translation and interpreting. The topic of her M.A. thesis was the development of emotional concepts in bilinguals. The results of her M.A. research were presented during the YLMP conference in 2012. Currently, she is working on her Ph.D. thesis devoted to the development of abstract concepts in mono and bilinguals. The study designed for the purpose of this thesis was presented during one of the biggest international psycholinguistic conferences, 25th International Conference on Foreign/Second Language Acquisition (ICFSLA) in Szczyrk. The list of her clients includes: Behlert & Behlert translation company, The Ławica Airport, Adam Mickiewicz University, The Art Foundation Rusz, the organiser of the only billboard art festival in the world based in Torun, Poland, The Poznań International Fair.